iQoS-Volans Technology - Building Intelligent Networks

Intelligent iQoS speeds and optimizes the networkiQoS provides smooth connectivity for online streaming, conferencing and web browsing while conducting P2P downloads, most importantly, it greatly improves the bandwidth utilization rate.The Volans iQoS can precisely identify most the network applications. The technologies such as “prior transmission for gaming data”, “bandwidth guarantee for gaming”, “restraining P2P” and so on, ensure the forwarding priorities for important data flow to achieve the fine control over data flow, thus solving slow connection speed for online gaming, webpage browsing and so on.Prior data forwarding for important applications: Different network applications have different forwarding priorities. This technology makes the router forward the important data first.Application scheduling: If there are multi-lines for connection, the important data such as online gaming, web browsing will be transmitted through the high-speed line. Other data such as P2P will be transmitted through the low-speed line. Users can also appoint which WAN port for specific applications.

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