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Volans Technology, Inc.

Volans History

Establishedin 2002, Volans Technology, Inc. has always been dedicated to buildingintelligent networks and improving the quality of the network experiencethrough innovative technologies. Volans is committed to providing anintelligent, efficient and humanized network management platform for all Volanscustomers around the world.

The development of Volans

Volanshas established sales channels and warehouses that serve 6 main regions inChina, which include northern China, the eastern China, the southern China, thewestern China, central China, and northeast China. Moreover, Volans has a salesand service center in over 20 major cities including Beijing, Shanghai andGuangzhou.

In2006, Volans obtained ISO9000 quality certification.

Bythe end of 2013, Volans products have successfully served over 500,000enterprises and over 100,000 internet bars.

In2011, Volans has started overseas business. We now have customers in northAmerica, South-east Asia and middle east

Volans products and services

Volansspecializes in providing intelligent and easy-to-use network management devicesas well as innovative value-added services for small and medium business, andhomes.

Besidesproviding a variety of products that involve wired and wireless networkdevices, firewall routers, SSS(Social Surfing Shield) routers, associatedsecurity switches, and VPN, Volans is also getting into the field of thedigital home entertainment systems and the multimedia interaction systems.

In2011, the sub-brand Facemeeting was launched as the first project of the newVolans development strategy "Products + Services". Facemeeting is aremote video meeting system specially designed for small and medium companies.

In 2014, Volans has become a listed company in China.

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