Volans Technology - Building Intelligent Networks

Our Core Values
Honesty and Faith  

Without a doubt, honesty is the fundamental value ofVolans and Volans family. We do honest business with our partners and customersand try our best to be a trustworthy and respectable company.

Perseverance and Innovation

With our perseverance and strong capabilities intechnology, we challenge and exceed ourselves constantly. We pursue technologyinnovations to bring our customers more efficient and more intelligent productsand services.

Shared Excellence

We strive for excellence and share our achievements withour customers, Volans employees, and the investors.

Volans Spirits
Hopes and Dreams

The Volans Family has hopes and dreams.  We arehardworking and energetic.   We all share the same ideals forsuccess. With solidarity and innovations, we explore and create to succeed inthe future.

Efforts and Achievements

With determination and experience, we share our knowledgein an effort to accomplish the Volans family dreams

Development Strategy

Products + Services

Besides providing a variety of products, Volans alsoprovides product-based services. The perfect combination of our products andour services can help build a cyber network space with sustainable development,to create an intelligent, efficient and humanized network management platform,and to maximize the value of networks.

Honesty and open-mindedness: we hope to become the most reliable andstrategic business partner of customers in network industry

Advanced technologies: We hope to provide better products and services for small andmedium companies as well as homes.

Climb highand gaze far. We strive to witness the improvement of network environmentsaround the world

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