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Volans all-in-one gateway series are specially designed for SMB WLAN. They combine the features of a router and an AP controller. The whole solution usually consists of one AR or N series router and multiple Volans intelligent APs. A Volans AP can be considered as a big virtual antenna, intelligently managed by Volans AR or N series. Through Volans AirLamp technologies, once an AP is connected to the WLAN, AR series or N series will automatically detect it and manage it,with no configuration on the AP needed. This plug-and-play WLAN solution supports roaming and fast switch between APs. All the management work can be done on AR or N series all-in-one gateway, easy and simple.    

  • AC integrated, manage up to 4 Volans cloud APs

  • Support automatic roaming between Volans APs

  • AirQoS technology allowes more WLAN users with better surfing experience

  • Multiple authentication methods ensure network security

  • Typical capacity 60 concurrent users(including both LAN and WLAN users)

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AirQoS technology makes the network performance 3 times greater

In a WLAN, the bandwidth is always limited. Some users occupy the bandwidth with activities such as online streaming, uploads and downloads for a long time. These kind of misuse will cause network delays, serious package loss, slow internet speed, and bad WIFI connection. Other WLAN users can barely get connected, let alone a good surfing experience.

Volans AirQoS technology can automatically allocate the WLAN resources, prioritize the applications, and optimize the key data,thus prevent bandwidth misuse and greatly improve the users' surfing experience.

Actual testing shows that when all the WLAN users are under a heavy load, Volans AirQoS technology can grealy increase the throughput, reduce the package lost rate and delays.

Flexible deployment, plug-and-play, Seamless WIFI coverage of every corner

Volans Cloud AP can be considered as a big virtualized antenna without any configuration needed. Once an AP is powered on and the cable is connected, the Volans AR or N series product (Gateway) can automatically detect this cloud AP, and optimize the parameters such as channels and the transmitting power. The all-in-one gateway can also update the configuration to the cloud AP. All the cloud APs work together to form a seamless WIFI network.

To the network administrators, it is really easy to deploy an excellent wireless network by just setting up a few parameters. All they need to do is to set up a cloud AP at the spot in need of wireless coverage, power it on, connect the cable, and then the AR or N product (Gateway) will do the rest. This really is a flexible and purchase-on-demand solution.


To the wireless surfers, it is a perfect WIFI signal that reaches every corner of the office. Once you are connected to the WIFI, you can surf anywhere you go without manually connecting to another WIFI again. Seamless roaming is just so easy.


Mobile device management and multiple authentication methods

Nowadays, with the popularity of BYOD and mobile devices especially smart phones, the openness of WIFI networks brings convenience as well as security issues. VOLANS WLAN solutions provide secure connection management and internet access management. They can block the access of the unauthorized users and regulates the internet activities of the legitimate users.


Managing unauthorized users: It provides a one-key operation to block IOS, ANDROID, WINDOWS PHONE based mobile devices. It can also disconnect the unauthorized users that are already connected to the network. Adding them to the blacklist will block their access to the network.


Portal authentication: The authentication page will automatically pop up when a user opens a webpage. Auser cannot access the internet without a correct user ID and password. It also allows customizing the authentication page as well as the jump-to page after authentication, which can be used for releasing a notice periodically if necessary.


IP/MAC authentication: It may be inconvenient or inappropriate to authenticate MID terminals, smart phones, iPADs and the laptops of the key personnel in the company. IP/MAC address authentication can solve the problem in these cases. The Volans N series allow the terminals to access the internet without authentication as long as their MAC addresses are in the allowed- MAC list.


PPPoE Server: It provides easy deployment of PPPoE authentication without changing the network topological structure. The administrator can configure the expiration date,bandwidth and dialing IP for each ID. When an ID is about to expire, the devicewill automatically send a notification according to the configuration. The administrator can also check the accumulated data flow and the dial-in time period of each user and disconnect any unauthorized user at any time.


In addition, the AR and N series can effectively manage and record online activities such as IM, P2P, online streaming, online gaming and web browsing through the built-in Internet Access Management module. This helps to improve the employees’ work efficiency.

Graphical User Interface

The intelligentALL-IN-ONE gateway AR and N series provides all graphical statistics, such as the system load, applications analysis, flow statistics, AP statistics and wireless service statistics. This graphical user interface is more friendly and easier to understand.


The network administrator can import the construction maps or designs of the office/building to the VMS2.0 (VOLANS internet management system) by different levels. The cloud APs and the ALL-IN-ONE gateway can be seen on the map directly. For example: After importing the construction map of every floor to VMS and dragging the N seriesor P series products to the actual places on the map, you can use the Locate button to find an AP.


The graphical map shows the location as well as the working status of all the devices, such as the device parameters, loads, and whether or not they are working. The user can reboot each cloud AP remotely by using the button REBOOT on VMS. One VMS can manage multiple sets of wireless cloud deployed anywhere in the world.

Besides the above features, AR and N series also integrate professional Multi-WAN technology,VPN server ( available on some models) and anti-ARP to provide a secure office network.

AR Series Hardware Specifications

NameAll-in-one Gateway



MIPS 400M Network Processor





Physical Ports

WAN: 4 or 2 Flexible 10/100/1000M Automatic RJ45

LAN: 1 or 3 Flexible 10/100/1000M Automatic RJ45


60 users (Including LAN and WLAN users)

Support AP

Up to 4





Power Supply

110~220V AC, 50/60Hz (Internal)





Operating temperature:0to 40  

Storage temperature:-40 to 70

Operating humidity:10% to 90%RH non-condensing  

Storage humidity:5% to 90%RH non-condensing


Nowadays more and more companies use laptops and tablets in offices instead of desktop PC, therefore WLAN is becoming more and more important for SMB. In an office, users need to frequently access OA and the FTP server.Meanwhile, IM, email and web browsing are the basic working tools which are constantly used by almost everybody at work.

Network especially WLAN resource is not unlimited that you can do whatever you want on the internet. Misuse of the network shall be avoided to keep the network in order.


We recommend AR series for SMB WLAN. AR series work as the gateway to provide internet access with the features of iQoS, access authentication, BYOD management and so on. Meanwhile AR series can also work as AP controller to intelligently manage Volans AP in the WLAN. There are ceiling mounting, wall mounting and desktop Volans AP to choose for different deployment. No configuration needed on AP. All the setup and management work can be done through AR series gateway.

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