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Volans P(Pharos) series intelligent Access Points are distributive FIT AP based on Volans exclusive WLAN management protocols. As FIT AP, they need to work with and managed by Volans AR and N series all-in-one gateways.

VAP300 is a ceiling-mounting AP with one 10/100M automatic LAN ports, working at 2.4GHz frequency. It supports IEEE802.11b\g\n, up to 300Mbps WIFI speed.

Volans Airlamp AP management technology supports AP plug-and-play. Just a few easy steps can help you build a convenient and seamless WLAN with easy internet access.

  • Flexible deployment, purchase on demand, plug-and-play

  • AirQos WLAN QoS technology greatly improve WIFI experience

  • Support AirLamp AP management, automatically connect gateway

  • support 24V POE and WIFI roaming

  • Decorative design

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●AirLamp Cloud Management Technology, plug-and-play

In a WLAN, multiple APs are usually needed for a wide-range wireless coverage due to the actualoffice environment and the number of wireless users.

Volans P series intelligent Access Points can be automatically detected and managed by Volans AR or N series all-in-one gateways once they are connected in the WLAN. All the configuration work can be done on all-in-one gateway. Place and connect an Access Point on any spot that needs WIFI. Purchase on demand, flexible deployment, plug-and-play.  

●AirQoS WLAN QoS Technology

Volans Access Points are embeded with Volans WLAN QoS technology AirQoS, which can automatically allocate the WLAN resources, prioritize the applications, and optimize the key data,thus prevent bandwidth misuse and greatly improve the users' surfing experience.

Actual testing shows that when all the WLAN users are under a heavy load, Volans AirQoS technology can grealy increase the throughput, reduce the package lost rate and delays.

Graphical User Interface

Through Volans graphical user interface on AR or N series gateway, you can acquire AP stats and information such as the number of users connected, SSID, IP address and so on. You can also manage all the APs through this UI, such as upgrading the firmware of all the connected AP, disconnect and reboot an AP, etc. This UI is very user friendly and easy to use even for those who don't have professional network trainings.

The network administrator can import the construction maps or designs of the office/building to the VMS2.0 (VOLANS internet management system) by different levels. The cloud APs and the ALL-IN-ONE gateway can be seen on the map directly. For example: After importing the construction map of every floor to VMS and dragging the N seriesor P series products to the actual places on the map, you can use the Locate button to find an AP.

WLAN user load balance

VAP300 supports load limitation. The maximum users can be preset. Once the users reaches this number, new users will not connect this VAP300. Instead, they will automatically find the nearest AP to connect.  This way, even in an intensive environment, WLAN users can still have good surfing experience.

Support AP & WDS mode

VAP300 supports Access Point and WDS mode. You can choose an operation mode to deploy VAP300.

Wide range coverage

VAP300 has 2 Airgain intelligent antennas,2X2 MIMO, up to 300Mbps WIFI speed. The advanced intelligent antenna technology efficiently improves the coverage range, provides intensive connection and ensures the stability. Actual testing shows that one VAP300 can cover 4~6 hotel guest rooms and over 300sqm of open space.

Volans Access Point VAP300 Hardware Specifications


l   Access Point

Model Number

l   VAP300


l   Indoor Ceiling Mounting AP


l   2.4GHz, 2.4000GHz~2.4835GHz


l   20MHz/40MHz


l   802.11b/g/n

WIFI Speed

l   300M, 2×2MIMO


l   2 * 4dBi intelligent antennas

WIFI Power

l   Maxmium 100mW

LAN Port

l   1*10/100M automatic RJ45 (Support POE)

Max WIFI users

l   30


l   ≤4 depending on the AR or N series Gateway


l   160×37mm


l   24V POE ( Power Adapter Available )


l   Operating temperature:0to 40

    Storage temperature:-40 to 70

l   Operating humidity:10% to 90%RH non-condensing  

    Storage humidity:5% to 90%RH non-condensing

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